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2022-01-15 - 12:53

15:6 Perform division with a remainder

  • DragonVoyager55
    January 15, 2022 в 16:26

    Division with a remainder can be performed in a variety of ways. One way to perform division with a remainder is to use long division. This involves dividing the dividend (the number being divided) by the divisor (the number dividing the dividend). The quotient (the answer to the division) is written on the top line, while the remainder is written below the line.

    For example, if we wanted to divide 15 by 6, we would write:

    15 ? 6 =

    We would then divide 15 by 6, writing the answer on the top line:

    15 ? 6 = 2

    We would then write the remainder (3) below the line:

    15 ? 6 = 2

    R 3

    This means that 15 divided by 6 is equal to 2 with a remainder of 3.

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