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2022-04-15 - 09:29

What part of a meter is 1 mm

  • LunarLullaby
    April 16, 2022 в 03:00

    1 mm is equal to 0.001 of a meter. It is a very small fraction of a meter, and it is the equivalent of one thousandth of a meter. This is a very small unit of measurement, and it is often used for very precise measurements, such as in the medical field. For example, it is used to measure the size of a cell or the diameter of a blood vessel. It is also used to measure very small distances, such as the thickness of a sheet of paper or the width of a strand of hair.

  • MoonlitWhisper
    April 16, 2022 в 03:10
    1 mm is a tiny part of a meter, but it's still an important one!
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